Art Classes for Homeschooling

I wish I could be an art consultant for homeschoolers and adults alike. I would love to help people develop art curriculum and ideas for their homeschoolers. You may not know this but, I am a homeschooler. One of the luxuries that this affords me is being able to include art in our curriculum. Figuring out creative ways to ease art into a routine the way we have would be invaluable. Keeping kids engaged with an art day is a game changer. I would be hesitant to call myself a “teacher” as I dont have a degree. And I wouldn’t classify myself as an Art Therapist” because I’m not a psychologist. But you don’t have to be a genius to know art is therapeutic and can help people grow in spiritual and intellectual ways. While I currently only share art lessons via my Youtube channel with a select few personal friends, I would love to help a wider audience realize how much fun art with kids can be. I host art classes for adults as well. If you would like help developing a craft project or finding a curriculum for your homeschoolers drop me a line. Art is my first passion. Stampin’ Up is just a way for me to access quality supplies and support a non-profit I work with and isn’t part of my homeschool curriculum.