Inspired by the Bible Story in the Book of Matthew 15:29-39

a card design inspired by the Bible story about Loaves and Fishes

I love the story about the Loaves & Fishes! It’s actually called ‘Jesus Feeds the 4,000’ but many people know it from Sunday school, Christian Bookstores with the same name and the colloquial way people use the phrase to illustrate when they’ve been blessed with more of something than they needed. I saw this card design so clearly in my mind’s eye that I simply had to make it! (Originally the design featured fish flying in through the window but the fish proved too large for a greeting card format).

The concepts I explore in my video tutorial are varied and maybe some would say advanced. But with a little practice anyone can master these techniques. Plus, I’ve used common scrapbooking and card making supplies like: a die cutting machine, dies, stamp pads in earthy tones, and limited edition stamp sets from Stampin’ Up in this design.

The fish are created using the Fish Punch and I also used a variety of the scraps of Designer Series Paper I had from previous Stampin’ Up collections and Stampin’ Up current catalogs for these tiny collages. I found some shimmery, gel pressed pages from a recycled book to add some texture to the fishes.

The FULL LIST OF SUPPLIES I used can be found here: https://s.tamp.in/33mvtF

I hope you will check out my video and if you have questions, please leave a comment in the comments of the Youtube channel. I sincerely hope that this card inspires you to look for all the ways you’re blessed with abundance in your life as it did for me!

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