Card Making Products That You Can Use with Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay Magnet Alternative Project Idea Included

Since most dies are steel (including this one) it can be baked in a toaster oven and used to hold the shape of the clay while the polymerization process takes place. I bake for 30 minutes at 275 degrees Farenheit so the steel would definitely be safe throughout the baking cycle.

Once the clay cools its easy to turn creations into magnets and jewelry.


  • Acrylic Blocks – I use a Paper Pumpkin acrylic block in my instructional video to smoosh clay, but any acrylic block could easily be used during the sculpting process to create uniform canes (i.e. snakes) and while forming small pieces.
  • Pick Tools – can be used in a variety of sculpting applications.
  • Stamps – stamping into the clay then baking will make an indelible mark that will last as long as your creation does. Wash over the imprint with acrylic paint or chalk pastels to accentuate.
  • Chalk Pastels – grating or whittling the pastels will give you an easy way to tint clay before or after baking. I prefer to brush on clay before baking then sealing with a compatible glaze.
  • Gilded Leafing – Believe it or not, foil leafing can be used with polymer clay before and after baking.
  • Embossing Powders – Folding embossing powders into polymer clay can alter the texture of the clay. Create stone textures and more when folding embossing powders into the clay.
  • Embellishments – definitely not for use before baking- embellishments can be affixed with glue.


Obviously there are limits to the temperatures the steel dies can handle. If you try this technique, proceed with caution as this technique is likely outside many manufacturer’s warranteed applications and may affect their future effectiveness with paper.