Cardmaking 101

Are you new to card making? If so, welcome to cardmaking 101! (101 is the same things as saying ‘entry level’) Don’t let fear of starting be the thing standing between you and a very easy art form. As with any new skill, there is a methodical way to take all things into consideration before making your first purchase of supplies.

Take An Inventory

First, I suggest starting with what you have so that you can gauge what you want to add to your stash. Do you have some old store-bought cards gathering dust that can be repurposed? Any adhesives? Stickers? Buttons and ribbon? Everyone has something they can start with. Visit my Youtube Tutorial (also featured on my Homepage)about using your junk drawer to use your current stash to redecorate it.

Make Some Space

Where are you going to work? Whether you’re working on a small desk or a huge work room, your art space should be dedicated to your craft. Carve out a small niche for yourself in an area you like being in. If you don’t have a space you like, then create one. Ample lighting, storage and accessibility is a must. A comfy seat or stool is mandatory. A little cleaning, decluttering and rearranging can yield a space you will be happy to craft in. If you already have a space dedicated to other craft projects you may need a better storage system like trays and large flat shelves or a pegboard on a wall. If you have a pet, consider making space for them, too! An under the workbench bed or maybe a cubby in your shelving for your cat?

Step By Step

Breaking the process down into small steps will yield positive results that will lay the foundation for a fun hobby that can be done year round by any age or craft level. A methodical plan to getting started is a time-tested technique that will ensure you are happy with your stash as well as your finished product. Now, how to make time to craft? That may take another blog entry!