Christmas Card Design & Instructions

How To Make A Let It Snow Snowman Themed Shaker Card Christmas Card Design & Instructions

snowman Christmas card

As promised in my Youtube tutorial, the recipe for this cute, snowman-themed, Christmas shaker card design and instructions for its assembly is here! There is a video tutorial that goes through the assembly of the main component: the Platform (or the part that attaches to the front of the card base with the shaker elements in it). I hope you enjoy this free Christmas Card Design & Instructions on how to assemble it. It’s not a difficult card to create but it may be a little challenging if you’re super new. I would put it at an Intermediate level of difficulty. You can download the PDF document below. You can easily turn it into a tri-fold pamphlet as you move along through the steps.

Shopping List

If you’re unsure where to start I suggest checking out the detailed shopping list on my Stampin’ Up shopping portal. I have selected all of the essential supplies and tools needed to complete this detailed card. It is a comprehensive list detailing every type of supply and leaving nothing to the imagination. If you have questions about any of the supplies I am happy to answer questions. Simply contact me at: [email protected]

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